Loosen your suspenders, tighten your shoelaces and get ready to drain your energy reserves. Greška is a five piece neo-gypsy/klezmer ensemble not unlike a chipotle and cocaine kebab: you’re not sure where it’s from, but it sure knocks you off your tits. A torn canvas of Romanian gypsy dons a filthy smear of western metal, jazz-funk and classical-arrangement.

Brisbane based Greška is built on the ethos of re-popularising western-classical arrangement and uniting feuding genres such as gypsy and classical; folk and metal; drum ‘n’ bass and funk. With an entire repertoire of through composed, hyper-energetic music, Greška attack the concept of fixed genre with an onslaught of eclectic um-pahs and digga-digga-da-digga-digga-das.

  • Samantha Mason

    Sam Amy

    Alto saxophone

  • Max Slater

    Max Slater


  • Kirsten Baade

    Kirsten Baade

    Double bass

  • Toby Gifford

    Toby Gifford


  • André Bonetti

    André Bonetti